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  • Event Video

    Dec 17 2014

  • Event Video

    Dec 17 2014

    American Public Opinion and the Politics of U.S. Cuban Policy: Marjorie Connelly, Guillermo Grenier & Peter Schechter

    Marjorie Connelly of The New York Times moderated a panel with Guillermo J. Grenier of Florida International University and Peter Schechter of the Atlantic Council.

  • Special Report

    Dec 16 2014

    145 Killed in Taliban Attack on School: Journalist Resources

    Mohammad Sajjad / AP Images: 
A Pakistani man comforts a student standing at ...

    A Taliban attack on a school in Peshawar, Pakistan, left 145 people dead, more than 100 of them children. Among the dead were nine Taliban gunmen, according to the army press office.

  • Announcement

    Nov 10 2014

    13 New Ochberg Fellows Named

Top, L to R: Martin Evans, Abigail Jones, Safiullah Gul, Amanda Rivkin;
Middle, L to R: Amy ...

    The Dart Center has announced the recipients of the 2014 Ochberg Fellowships, a program to deepen journalists' reporting of violence, conflict and tragedy.

    This year’s Fellows include outstanding senior and mid-career journalists in all media, representing eight nations and five continents.

  • In Depth

    Nov 4 2014

    Bangert and Chin Debate Value of "War Porn"

    Christoph Bangert

    Christoph Bangert and Alan Chin have photographed gruesome scenes around the world and argued with editors about why they are important for the public to see. Earlier this year, Bangert published a new book, “War Porn,” in which he confronts the arguments and ethics over violent imagery in new ways. In a Dart Center exclusive, the two photographers sat down to discuss their work, its origins and impact.

  • From the Academy

    Oct 29 2014

    Journalists and Harassment

    Among the many risks journalists face, they are often targets of harassment and aggression. While harassment is a concern for all journalists, female journalists in particular are more likely to be targets [Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), 2011]. Despite increasing awareness of the issue, little is known about journalist-specific risk factors and consequences. This fact sheet summarizes key information on sexual harassment in general, as well as harassment of journalists, specifically.

  • In Depth

    Oct 29 2014

    How I'm Coping with Life Inside the Ebola Bubble

    John Moore / Getty Images: 
A Doctors Without Borders (MSF), health worker i ...

    What happens when a disease takes away the ability to touch? From Liberia, Ochberg Fellow and Buzzfeed Africa Bureau Chief Jina Moore on self-care, human connection and reinventing the language of compassion.

  • In Depth

    Oct 27 2014

    ABC Journalist Reflects on PTSD

    Sally Sara / Australian Broadcasting Corporation: 
Local children at a schoo ...

    ABC correspondent and Ochberg Fellow Sally Sara wrote for the first time about experiencing post traumatic stress disorder after returning home from Afghanistan. Scroll down to listen to her piece, and read the full text below.

  • In Depth

    Oct 20 2014

    Building Trust In A Melbourne Mental Ward

As troops return to the Middle East, the true cost of Australia's deca ...

    ABC Australia's News 24 Presenter/Reporter Kumi Taguchi took a break from the quick turnaround of TV news to spend two weeks at a Melbourne repatriation hospital to work on a feature story about PTSD experienced by returned soldiers, The Battle After The War. In this piece, Taguchi writes about becoming comfortable, gaining trust, and her decision to write exclusively for online.

  • In Depth

    Oct 10 2014

    Covering Ebola: Reporters Speak

    John Moore / Getty Images: 
Liberian health worker speaks with families in a ...

    “There is no protocol; people are grasping for information," photographer Glenna Gordon says. This piece was originally published in Columbia Journalism Review

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