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Feb 28 2012 7:03 AM

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What's Behind School Shootings

With three dead and two wounded at a high school in Chardon, Ohio, attention is once again turning to how and why school shootings occur and what can be done about them.

Frank Ochberg, M.D., the Dart Center’s chair emeritus, explores why school shootings are more frequent in the the U.S.  than in other nations for Many resources for reporters covering school shootings are available here at More »

Feb 22 2012 3:37 AM


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Colvin's last report: Homs shelling "absolutely horrific"

Two more journalists have died in Syria: reporter Marie Colvin of London's Sunday Times and French photographer Rémi Ochlik. Colvin's last report from Homs was a BBC interview the day before she was killed. "I counted 14 shells… I watched a little baby die today. Absolutely horrific. No one here can understand how the international community can let this happen." More »

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