Supporting Colleagues - Workshop Weekend

July 5-7, 2019
United Kingdom

The Dart Centre Europe is organising a workshop weekend in London, exclusively for Dart Europe network members. 

The aim of the weekend is to refresh our trauma knowledge and for the Dart Centre to provide the group with practical training in key skills on how to be a supportive colleague.

Increasingly there’s a sense that our profession is under attack, in countries around the world but also in Europe. Cynicism from the public towards journalists as well as threats to our physical safety are rising. This climate of hostility affects us and our colleagues.

“What do I say?”, “How do I help?” Listening to network members in recent months, we at the Dart Centre feel that there’s a growing need and desire to be better equipped to provide emotional support to our colleagues. The workshop will provide you with training to improve the skills you already apply in supporting peers, and help you feel empowered in supporting others as well as to watch out for your own wellbeing in situations of emotional stress and pressure. 

Gill Moreton (Dart Centre Europe board member, Lead Clinician at Rivers Centre for Traumatic Stress) and Cait McMahon (Director Dart Asia-Pacific, Psychologist) will be leading the workshop together. Both have in depth experience in the field of peer support and it’s a  great opportunity for all of us to benefit from their expertise. There will of course also be time to socialise and re-connect with fellow Dart colleagues!  

This workshop is now fully booked but if you're interested in this kind of event in the future please be in touch with our Program Manager Jeanny Gering at [email protected]