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    Mar 24 2014

    Ethical Reporting on Traumatised People

“It makes you feel like you’re a prisoner in your own house, (the media) waiting for hours a ...

    In conjunction with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Dart Centre Asia Pacific presents a new teaching video dealing with the treatment of news sources, "Getting it Right: Ethical Reporting on People Affected by Trauma." The project was developed to supplement teaching materials for journalism educators. 

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    Nov 11 2015

    Dart Names 13 Ochberg Fellows

Top, L to R: Karen Brown, Rachel Dissell, Sarah Wildman, Peter Klein; 
Middle, L to R: Patr ...

    The Dart Center has announced the recipients of the 2015 Ochberg Fellowship, a program that deepens journalists' reporting of violence, conflict and tragedy. This year’s Fellows include outstanding senior and mid-career journalists in all media, representing nine nations and five continents.

  • Exemplary Journalism

    Sep 9 2015

    Remembering September 11

    Mel Levine / Sports Illustrated / Getty Images: 
New York's Twin Towers, in  ...

    Anniversaries mark progress and the passage of time. They can also conjure memories we may not always want to face. On this anniversary of the September 11 attacks, the Dart Center calls attention to a uniquely eloquent journalistic record of the attacks' long aftermath; to a powerful tenth anniversary essay on personal loss and collective historical memory; and to resources available as we seek to better cover, and understand, the longterm effects of horrific events.

  • In Depth

    Aug 26 2015

    Framing the WDBJ Tragedy

    Steve Helber / AP Images: 
WDBJ-TV7 news morning anchor Kimberly McBroom and ...

    As the WDBJ tragedy evolves, how will journalists frame the story?

    *Click for tips on handling the death of a colleague, and tips for managers on coping with trauma in the newsroom.

  • Tip Sheet

    Aug 26 2015

    Handling the Death of a Colleague

    The Dart Center has released a tip sheet for journalists coping with the death of a colleague.

  • Tip Sheet

    Aug 26 2015

    Trauma in the Newsroom: Tips for Managers

    In response to the WDBJ shooting, the Dart Center has released a tip sheet for managers for coping with the death of a colleague.

  • In Depth

    Aug 26 2015

    Living Katrina: 10 Years Later

    Debbie Fleming Caffery: 
A stormy day in the Lower Ninth Ward in August, 200 ...

    On the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, we asked seven journalists, a news executive and a clinician from the Gulf Coast to reflect on their experiences and what they’ve learned in the decade since. Scroll down for excerpts, and click to the right for full pieces from Eve Troeh, Clarence Williams, Stan Tiner, Debbie Fleming Caffery, John Pope, Joy Osofsky, June Cross, Russell Lewis and Mark Schleifstein.

  • Tip Sheet

    Aug 4 2015

    Managing Stress & Trauma on Investigative Projects

    A tip sheet from Executive Director Bruce Shapiro, originally released at the 2005 Investigative Reporters & Editors Annual Conference.

  • Event Video

    Jul 10 2015

    Q&A: A Survivor's Perspective

    Full video and edited transcript; "Getting it Right: Reporting on Gun Violence"; May 29, 2015.

  • Link List

    Jul 8 2015

    Online Resources for Covering Guns

    Resources recommended by speakers and participants at the 2015 Dart Center workshop "Covering Guns."