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  • Tip Sheet

    Apr 20 2009

    Virginia Tech: Tips from Student Journalists

    Students from the staff of the Collegiate Times offer tips and personal stories from their experience covering the Virginia Tech tragedy.

  • Tip Sheet

    Apr 20 2009

    Virginia Tech: Tips from a Newsroom Adviser

    Collegiate Times staff members and advisers were interviewed dozens of times about the newspaper’s coverage of the April 16 shootings at Virginia Tech. One of the universal questions we were asked: “How do you prepare for something like this?” The truth is, you don’t.

  • Tip Sheet

    Apr 20 2009

    NIU: Tips from Student Journalists

    Photo: Stacey Huffstutler / Northern Star: 
Students assist victim Troy Cham ...

    Staff of the Northern Star, the Northern Illinois University student newspaper, share wisdom from their coverage of the 2008 school shooting.

  • Tip Sheet

    Apr 20 2009

    NIU: Tips for Advisers and Teachers

    Photo: Alex Johnson / Northern Star: 
In the early morning a lone man stands ...

    The adviser for the Northern Star, the Northern Illinois University student newspaper, shares wisdom from covering the 2008 school shooting.

  • Dart Award Honorable Mention

    Feb 23 2009

    West Kaul Avenue

    Baby in a Broken Room, Flowers in a Vacant Lot

    Over the course of the summer, the story of how Rufus Lamont "Silk" Cassel was shot evolved into legend around the Kaul Ave. neighborhood.

  • Fact Sheet

    Feb 18 2009

    Violence: Comparing Reporting and Reality

    An overview of reporting trends in crime news, comparison with actual crime rates and an analysis of how coverage affects public perception of criminal activity.

  • Behind the Story

    Oct 23 2008

    Revisiting Matthew Shepard's Murder

    Photo: Kevin Moloney/Liaison Agency: 
A flower basket left in memory of Matt ...

    An editor at the Casper (Wyo.) Star-Tribune offers a look behind the scenes at reporting the murder of Matthew Shepard and covering its tenth anniversary.

  • Special Report

    Apr 21 2008

    Kenyan Journalists Face the Aftermath

Henry, not his real name, lies in a hospital bed in Eldoret after being a victim of the post ...

    Lucy Anaya was a neophyte reporter in March 2005. Over the years, she covered beauty pageants, body building, women's and children's issues. Her byline often appeared on human-interest stories full of colorful detail.

  • Event Video

    Apr 5 2008

    Getting it Right

    Reporting on Youth Violence

    Even as crime hits record lows in New York, among teenagers around the nation, gun homicides, gang violence and police shootings of young people are on the rise. Yet while shootings in suburban schools, churches and malls generate media controversy, epidemic levels of teen homicide in cities like Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and New Orleans attract scant attention.

  • Tip Sheet

    Aug 5 2007

    Hometown Catastrophe

    How Newsrooms Can Prepare

     Dart Center Executive Director Bruce Shapiro offers advice to journalists.