Fact Sheet

  • Fact Sheet

    Jan 1 2009

    Covering Trauma: Impact on Journalists

    An overview of current research on the occupational hazards for journalists covering traumatic events, the risk factors that aggravate those effects, and some suggestions for mitigating those factors. Originally published; January, 2009. Updated; July, 2015.

  • From the Academy

    Oct 28 2014

    Journalists and Harassment

    Among the many risks journalists face, they are often targets of harassment and aggression. While harassment is a concern for all journalists, female journalists in particular are more likely to be targets [Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), 2011]. Despite increasing awareness of the issue, little is known about journalist-specific risk factors and consequences. This fact sheet summarizes key information on sexual harassment in general, as well as harassment of journalists, specifically.

  • Fact Sheet

    Oct 21 2012

    Contributing Factors and Prevention of Suicide

    Experts explain factors that contribute to suicide, and the best methods of prevention. 

  • Fact Sheet

    Oct 21 2012

    Suicide Statistics

     A fact-sheet of both national and international statistics relating to suicide 

  • Fact Sheet

    Feb 18 2009

    Violence: Comparing Reporting and Reality

    An overview of reporting trends in crime news, comparison with actual crime rates and an analysis of how coverage affects public perception of criminal activity.

  • Fact Sheet

    Mar 31 2008

    How News is "Framed"

    An overview of how news stories, traumatic and otherwise, are "framed," finding a general absence of context and recommending avenues for future research.

  • Fact Sheet

    Jan 1 2008

    The Effect of News "Frames"

    An overview of current scholarship regarding how different, contextual approaches to reporting news influence consumers’ knowledge, perceptions and opinions, and the implications for researchers and for journalists.

  • From the Academy

    Mar 1 2006

    Children and Media Coverage of Trauma

    An overview of current research on the short- and long-term impacts of media coverage of tragedy on children, as well as aggravating risk factors and suggestions for future research.

  • Fact Sheet

    Dec 1 2005

    Covering Trauma: Impact on the Public

    An overview of current research on how news coverage of traumatic event effects the public and the risk factors that exascerbate reactions of distress.