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    Covering Children & Trauma

    Michelle McLoughlin / Reuters: 
A young girl is given a blanket after being  ...

    When children are victims of violence, journalists have a responsibility to report the truth with compassion and sensitivity.

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    Sep 11 2014 3:09 PM

    Violence Against Children Reaches Alarming Rates

    Approximately one billion children worldwide are subjected to regular physical abuse, according to a staggering new study released by UNICEF last week.

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  • Speech

    Nov 13 2012

    The Power of Listening

    Stringer / AFP / Getty Images: 
A Syrian man shows marks of torture on his b ...

    In 2009, former news editor of the Sunday Times and the Observer Andrew Hogg spoke to journalism students at the City University in London about the treatment of torture victims. In the wake of the London High Court decision allowing three Kenyans to sue the UK government for torture they suffered during the 1950s and 60s Mau Mau revolution, we revive this illuminating speech.

  • Fact Sheet

    Oct 21 2012

    Suicide Statistics

     A fact-sheet of both national and international statistics relating to suicide 

  • In Depth

    Apr 5 2009

    Covering Teen Suicide

    Suicide is a leading cause of teenage deaths, but is often treated as a journalistic taboo. Reporters and researchers break down the complicated ethical issues reporters must face to get the story right.

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    Apr 4 2008

    Getting it Right

    Reporting on Youth Violence

    Even as crime hits record lows in New York, among teenagers around the nation, gun homicides, gang violence and police shootings of young people are on the rise. Yet while shootings in suburban schools, churches and malls generate media controversy, epidemic levels of teen homicide in cities like Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and New Orleans attract scant attention.

  • From the Academy

    Mar 1 2006

    Children and Media Coverage of Trauma

    An overview of current research on the short- and long-term impacts of media coverage of tragedy on children, as well as aggravating risk factors and suggestions for future research.

  • Behind the Story

    Jun 10 2004

    Even Without Malice, Errors Still Hurt

    A Journalist Recalls the Reporting of Her Daughter's Death

    Reporters may have felt they didn’t want to intrude, but far from a closed and hushed house between Sheona’s death and her funeral, it was literally an open house.

  • Behind the Story

    Apr 19 2000

    Columbine: A Photographer's Perspective

    David Handschuh, staff photographer for the New York Daily News, had just returned to his office when his editor told him to go to Littleton, Colorado. Six hours after watching the event unfold on television, he was at Columbine, covering the deadliest school shooting in U.S. history.

  • Dart Award Winner

    Aug 27 1993

    Fighting Crime Together

    A series of articles exploring how communities adapt to and recover from urban trauma.  Originally published as a series in the Long Beach Press-Telegram from August to November, 1993.

  • Behind the Story

    Columbine: Three Views on the Images

    Photographs convey the emotion of a tragedy, but the images may serve to wound as well as to heal. Such was the case with news photos used after the Columbine shootings in April 1999. How do we judge pictures that take us closer to the grief and shock of people whose lives are directly touched by violence?

  • Behind the Story

    Tsunami Relief/Reporter Grief

    The word "indescribable" is one of those clichés often used by people too lazy to really describe what they're seeing. But for the first time in my professional career, I found a place where indescribable was actually the most accurate description.


  • Print Publication

    Child Clinicians & the Media

    Whether clinicians like it or not, children and families affected by trauma are routinely covered by the media. When that happens, clinicians often face difficult choices.

    Note: Available as PDF download only.

  • Dart Award Winner

    Johanna: Facing Forward

As she sleeps in her hospital bed in spring, 2007, Johanna Orozco tosses and moans. The dist ...

    This nine-part series tells the story of a teenage relationship turning to obsession and abuse, and a strong young woman recovering from a horrific act of violence. Originally published in the Cleveland Plain Dealer in September, 2007.

  • Dart Award Winner

    Rape in a Small Town

    The story of a 15-year-old girl raped by a popular classmate and of the devastating aftermath for her, her family, and her town. Originally published in the Providence Journal (Providence, RI), in 2003.

  • Dart Award Winner

    The Joseph Palczynski Story

    A two-part series from The Baltimore Sun on the lives of six women serially victimized by one man's extremes of physical and psychological abuse.

  • Behind the Story

    How Covering Jonesboro Changed A Reporter

    When I walked out the door of The Jonesboro Sun news room shortly after 1 p.m. on March 24, 1998, I thought I was about as prepared as a reporter could be in a minute's notice.

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