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    Mar 16 2015 4:07 PM

    In Aftermath of Cyclone Pam, Resources for Journalists

    A cyclone ravaged the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu early on Saturday, killing at least 24 people and displacing upwards of 3,000, according to the United Nations. In the aftermath, we share resources for reporters on covering disaster, interviewing victims and survivors, and working with reporters exposed to traumatic events. More »

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    May 15 2009 6:28 AM

    Dart Resources Now in Chinese

    We’re pleased to announce that Tragedies and Journalists — the Dart Center's 40-page guide for journalists, photojournalists and editors reporting on traumatic experience — has two new Chinese-language editions, one for mainland China and one for Taiwan. More »

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    May 14 2009 8:59 AM

    Sichuan and Beyond

    One year ago, a massive earthquake measuring 8.0 on the Richter scale killed tens of thousands and displaced millions in the Sichuan province of China. In the immediate aftermath, the Chinese government permitted journalists unprecedented access to the devastation. Stories of collapsed schools and miraculous survival brought the world closer to the rural villages of China, but the work took its toll on the storytellers. More »

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