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    Tragedies & Journalists

    A 40-page guide to help journalists, photojournalists and editors report on violence while protecting both victims and themselves.

  • Behind the Story

    Sep 1 2009

    Life and Death in Kashmir

Syed Nazakat

    Along the Line of Control that marks the border between India and Pakistan, a senior journalist's life is one nightmare after another.

  • Tip Sheet

    Apr 30 2009

    Tips for Managers and Editors

    Coverage of trauma and extreme human distress is a core part of journalism. These tips are for managers and editors to help them prepare and support the reporters who do this difficult and important work.

  • Behind the Story

    Oct 23 2008

    Revisiting Matthew Shepard's Murder

    Photo: Kevin Moloney/Liaison Agency: 
A flower basket left in memory of Matt ...

    An editor at the Casper (Wyo.) Star-Tribune offers a look behind the scenes at reporting the murder of Matthew Shepard and covering its tenth anniversary.

  • Event

    May 31 2013

    Application Deadline: Newsroom Leadership Academy

    At Columbia University, a week-long global training program aimed at newsroom managers, senior journalists and news executives responsible for leading coverage of trauma, crisis and disaster.

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    Covering Children & Trauma

    Michelle McLoughlin / Reuters: 
A young girl is given a blanket after being  ...

    When children are victims of violence, journalists have a responsibility to report the truth with compassion and sensitivity.

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