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    Jan 29 2009 4:16 PM

    GlobalPost and the Dart Center

    If you haven't heard of GlobalPost--an ambitious new international news start-up-- read this Columbia Journalism Review profile now. Whether or not their innovative business and editorial model is the Future of Journalism, it's cheering to read on their founding editor Charles M. Sennott's blog that they will be distributing the Dart Center's guide to covering violence--Tragedies and Journalists--to all their correspondents.

    We emailed Sennott to ask how he became involved with the Dart Center and how else his organization planned to help his semi-freelance reporters cover traumatic events. More »

  • Interview

    Oct 2 2007

    “So the Audience Will Never Forget”

    A Dart Center Q & A with Jon Alpert

    Jon Alpert is an award-winning reporter and documentary filmmaker whose recent work includes "Baghdad ER" and "Alive Day Memories: Home from Iraq," directed and filmed with Matthew O'Neill for HBO. Alpert is also a co-founder and co-director of the Downtown Community Television Center (DCTV).

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    Apr 25 2013

    Workshop: Reporting the Unspeakable

    In the Italian city of Perugia this workshop is held at the International Journalism Festival 2013. It examines the hidden life of the interview by looking at what trauma is, and focusing on advanced interviewing skills.  

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