• Tip Sheet

    Aug 11 2014

    Working with Traumatic Imagery

    Photographs and video of horrifying, violent acts may provide essential documentation of human tragedy. But however compelling its news value, traumatic imagery needs to be handled with care, as it can place the wellbeing of those who work with it at risk.

  • Tip Sheet

    Jul 30 2014

    Visual Journalism Tactics

    A Dart Center Tip Sheet for College Media Advisors, Editors and Student Journalists.

  • Blog Post

    Apr 10 2014 5:20 PM

    Afterwar Photographer: Ochberg Fellows Collaboration Wins Film Award

    Ochberg Fellow Mike Walter and his CCTV America team have won an award for their short documentary "Afterwar Photographer," which focuses on the work of Ochberg Fellow Lori Grinker. More »

  • Blog Post

    Feb 27 2013 9:11 AM

    Narco Estado: Teun Voeten on Drug-Related Violence in Mexico

    Photojournalist & anthropologist Teun Voeten talks about a photograph from his latest book "Narco Estado," which focuses on drug-related violence in Mexico. More »

  • Tip Sheet

    Nov 28 2012

    Tips on Covering Hurricanes

    Following Hurricane Sandy, the Dart Center asked award-winning photographer Alan Chin to share his tips on covering disasters.

  • Class Exercises

    Sep 5 2010

    Witness: A Classroom Guide

    Photo: Donna DeCesare: 
A boy grieves for a friend murdered by paramilitarie ...

    A guide to help educators use photojournalist Donna DeCesare's Dart Media presentation, "Witnessing and Picturing Violence," to teach ethical reporting.

  • Dart Media

    Mar 10 2009

    The Burden of Memory

    Photography is a medium, a record and a means of reclaiming identity in award-winning photojournalist John Trotter's multimedia meditation on his recovery from brain injury.

  • Blog Post

    Jun 2 2008 11:00 PM

    Documenting Violence in Photographs

    How can a photographer convey suffering and injustice, yet avoid subjecting those photographed to further harm or stigma? Donna DeCesare answers this question in a photo essay, "Documenting Violence," in the latest issue of ReVista, the Harvard Review of Latin America, now available online. More »

  • Behind the Story

    Apr 30 2005

    African Children

    It’s always a race. What time is the bird? What have the opposition got? Bodies? How many? How many do you have? No, don't bother. There is no interest. Maybe if you had some bodies. I had some bodies yesterday but there was a train crash in Germany.

  • Behind the Story

    Sep 30 2004

    Shooting Violence

    I would like to tell you about some of my experience concerning filming and watching videos of violence in my area. During the last 10 years of fighting and war, I have had to witness many many very violent pictures, and I and my colleagues hope that this will be useful for other people and journalists to learn from.

  • Announcement

    Jan 19 2004

    Show Tells of Trauma, Reconciliation

    An extraordinary exhibition telling stories of personal trauma and forgiveness across the world has opened in London, put together by journalist Marina Cantacuzino.

  • Journal

    Jan 1 2002

    Rwanda: Eight Years Later

    In these articles Liisa Hyvarinen describes her meetings with Rwandese journalists and her impressions of that country.

  • Event

    Oct 31 2015

    Symposium: Photography, Expanded

    In New York City, join the Magnum Foundation for the Third Annual Photography, Expanded Symposium.

  • Event

    Mar 30 2015

    Application Deadline: Photography, Expanded

    In New York City, the Brown Institute and Magnum Foundation's "Photography, Expanded" is accepting applications for a two-day digital narratives lab.

  • Event

    Mar 27 2015

    Responsible Data Lab: Photography, Expanded

    At the Magnum Foundation in New York City, a hands-on lab that exposes photographers and photojournalists to approaches for navigating the ethical, privacy and security challenges they face in their work, and in today’s rapidly shifting digital landscape.

  • Event

    Feb 3 2015

    Discussion: Frankfurter & Berman on Destino

    At Columbia Journalism School in New York, photographer & author Michelle Frankfurter speaks with Professor Nina Berman about her project "Destino," the story of Central American migrants on the trek across Mexico to the USA.

  • Event

    Jun 13 2013

    Look 3 Festival of the Photograph

    In Charlottesvile, Virginia, this three-day festival features exhibits and on-stage appearances of INsight artists, as well as exhibitions, outdoor projections, workshops and interviews.

  • Event

    Dec 12 2012

    Fatal Neglect: The Global Revolution's Forgotten Patients

    Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), VII and UNION HZ will release FATAL NEGLECT, a six-part documentary film project, to tell the stories of millions of patients left behind by the global health revolution.

  • Event

    Mar 1 2011

    Egyptian Revolution Film and Photo Night

    In London, an exhibition and discussion of the work of UK photographers returned home from covering the Egyptian revolution. Entry is by donation, to benefit Egyptian journalists.

  • Dart Media

    Witnessing and Picturing Violence

    In a multimedia presentation covering gangs and paramilitaries, earthquakes and HIV, a photographer and educator explores how collaboration is the key to making images that are both powerful and responsible.

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