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    Covering Children & Trauma

    Michelle McLoughlin / Reuters: 
A young girl is given a blanket after being  ...

    When children are victims of violence, journalists have a responsibility to report the truth with compassion and sensitivity.

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    Mar 25 2014

    Ethical Reporting on Traumatised People: New DVD

“It makes you feel like you’re a prisoner in your own house, (the media) waiting for hours a ...

    In conjunction with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Dart Centre Asia Pacific presents a new teaching video dealing with the treatment of news sources, "Getting it Right: Ethical Reporting on People Affected by Trauma." The project was developed to supplement teaching materials for journalism educators. 

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    Jan 30 2014

    The Community Experience: Reporting from the Inside Out

    In this video, Alia Malek and Garry Pierre-Pierre explore best practices in reporting on immigrants and refugees, and share tips for journalists who are not working in ethnic media.

  • Jan 6 2013

    The Steubenville Rape Case: A Conversation

    Joshua Gunter / The Cleveland Plain Dealer: 
The Steubenville High School fo ...

    With one week to go before the scheduled trial, tensions are flaring in Steubenville, Ohio. Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter Rachel Dissell, who has been covering the controversial case involving the Steubenville High football team, recently spoke to the Dart Center's executive director Bruce Shapiro.

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    Dec 18 2008

    Mumbai's Untold Stories

    Obscured by headlines of threatened Westerners and "India's 9/11" are ordinary Indians, coping with the all-too-familiar aftermath of November's terrorist attacks.

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    Oct 23 2008

    Revisiting Matthew Shepard's Murder

    Photo: Kevin Moloney/Liaison Agency: 
A flower basket left in memory of Matt ...

    An editor at the Casper (Wyo.) Star-Tribune offers a look behind the scenes at reporting the murder of Matthew Shepard and covering its tenth anniversary.

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    Child Clinicians & the Media

    Whether clinicians like it or not, children and families affected by trauma are routinely covered by the media. When that happens, clinicians often face difficult choices.

    Note: Available as PDF download only.

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