• Fact Sheet

    Feb 18 2009

    Violence: Comparing Reporting and Reality

    An overview of reporting trends in crime news, comparison with actual crime rates and an analysis of how coverage affects public perception of criminal activity.

  • Interview

    Jan 1 2005

    Unraveling Media and Trauma Connections

    Betty Pfefferbaum, winner of the first ISTSS Frank Ochberg Award for Research in Trauma and the Media, discusses what journalists can learn from her research.

  • Announcement

    Jun 30 2004

    'Unprecedented' Report Examines War Effects

    Mental-Health Stigma May Keep Sufferers from Seeking Help

    About one out of six veterans (15.6 to 17.1 percent) returning from Iraq met criteria for combat-related psychiatric disorders, including depression and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, researchers say in a report published today in The New England Journal of Medicine.

  • Event

    Oct 1 2015

    Covering Trauma: New Directions for Journalism and Trauma Studies

    At Kansas State University, Dart Research Director Elana Newman will give a presentation on new avenues for journalism and trauma studies scholarship.

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