Sheri Fink

  • Video Feature

    Dec 6 2011

    The Big Map: Outlining Narratives

    St. Petersburg Times: 
St. Petersburg Times enterprise reporter Ben Montgome ...

    Two sets of Dart Award-winning writers and editors describe how they tackled their complicated stories, and reveal a common secret weapon: a (large) paper outline.

  • Video Interview

    Aug 26 2009

    The Story Behind a 2010 Dart Award Winner

ProPublica reporter Sheri Fink discusses her story, "The Deadly Choices at Memorial."

    In a Katrina-flooded hospital, doctors injected patients with painkillers and sedatives. Were they easing their pain or speeding their deaths? In a 2009 interview, ProPublica reporter Sheri Fink, winner of the 2010 Dart Award, explains how she pursued the story.

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