• In Depth

    Jul 24 2014

    In Depth: Covering Suicide

    Keri Wiginton / Getty Images: 
Mourners release balloons in memory of Ashlyn ...

    Media coverage of suicide is a public health issue. In addition to judging whether a story is newsworthy, journalists need to be aware that their reporting can have wider impacts, not just on relatives and friends of the deceased, but also on readers and audiences. Dart Centre Europe has released a new, comprehensive tip sheet for journalists on covering suicide.

  • Blog Post

    Apr 29 2014 3:13 PM

    New Zealand Takes Action on Respectful Suicide Reporting

    New Zealand's Law Commission recommends Parliament restrict the media's reporting on suicides in an effort to prevent copycat suicides.  More »

  • Blog Post

    Apr 25 2014 1:04 PM

    Confronting Suicide: Workshop Participant Produces Radio Series

    Earlier this month, a series exploring suicide prevention efforts for teenagers, college students and elderly Americans aired on Arizona public radio. It was produce by participants of the Dart Center's 2012 "Covering Suicide" workshop. More »

  • Blog Post

    May 17 2013 3:44 PM

    Suicide Rates Climb; Misperceptions Remain

    Two troubling reports were released this past week about climbing suicide rates, each of which point out misperceptions in the public's understanding.  More »

  • Special Report

    Jan 16 2013

    Military Suicides in 2012 Hit Record High

    Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images: 
U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Luke Parrott walks th ...

    The 2012 tally of military suicides is a sobering 349, almost one per day, more than any year since the military began tracking it. The Dart Center has been working with mental health experts and journalists to improve coverage and understanding of this sensitive topic.

  • Tip Sheet

    Oct 23 2012

    Tips from Journalists for Long-Form Stories

    Seasoned journalists offer advice on covering suicide.

  • Oct 23 2012

    A Tip Sheet on Covering Suicide from Al Tompkins

    Al Tompkins, a senior faculty member at the Poynter Institute, provides insight on how to report on suicide.

  • Event Video

    Oct 22 2012

    Youth Bullying and Social Media: A Contemporary Dilemma

    In this video, Ann Haas, Brian Mustanski, and Jonathan Singer participate in a panel discussion: "Youth Bullying and Social Media: A Contemporary Dilemma."

  • Event Video

    Oct 22 2012

    Suicide Research, Myths & Trends

    In this video, Paula Clayton, Thomas Joiner, Matthew Nock and Christopher Ruhm present and participate in a panel discussion: "Suicide Research, Myths & Trends."

  • Event Video

    Oct 21 2012

    Public Death, Private Grief

    In this video, Professor Ari Goldman leads a discussion: "Public Death, Private Grief."

  • Event Video

    Oct 21 2012

    High Impact Reporting on Suicide: Story Behind the Story

    In this video, journalists Michael de Yoanna, Jesse Green, Sabrina Rubin Erdely and Maiken Scott take in a panel discussion: "High Impact Reporting on Suicide." 

  • Fact Sheet

    Oct 21 2012

    Contributing Factors and Prevention of Suicide

    Experts explain factors that contribute to suicide, and the best methods of prevention. 

  • Fact Sheet

    Oct 21 2012

    Suicide Statistics

     A fact-sheet of both national and international statistics relating to suicide 

  • Event Video

    Oct 21 2012

    Ethics & Practice when Reporting on Suicide

    In this video, Al Tompkins presents: "Ethics & Practice when Reporting on Suicide."

  • Event Video

    Oct 21 2012

    Suicide on College Campuses

    In this video, experts Ann Haas, Alison Malmon and Philip Satow participate in a panel discussion: "Suicide on College Campuses."

  • Event Video

    Oct 21 2012

    Suicide and the Media

    In this video, Madelyn Gould gives a keynote address: "Suicide and the Media."

  • Event Report

    Sep 21 2012

    “Cause Only The Harm Necessary”

    Ariel Ritchin / Dart Center: 
Sabrina Rubin Erdely, (second from left,) a co ...

    Journalists defended their independence and revealed their struggles in an emotional finale to Dart Center's "Covering Suicide" workshop at WHYY in Philadelphia.

  • Event Report

    Sep 20 2012

    Covering Suicide: Pioneering Workshop Opens

    Ariel Ritchin / Dart Center: 
Author and producer Christopher Lukas addresse ...

    Journalists, clinicians and researchers filled the studios at WHYY in Philadelphia to discuss how to address "a national emergency": the rising suicide rate.

  • Academic Exercises

    Jun 22 2011

    Covering Campus Suicide

    Photo: Emmanuel Dunand / AFP / Getty Images: 
At Rutgers University, fellow  ...

    A three-part curriculum to help prepare journalism students for the difficult process of covering suicide on or near a college campus.

  • Blog Post

    Jun 25 2009 8:20 AM

    Two Deaths, Two Contexts

    In Baghdad, Chancellor Keesling, a 25-year-old soldier from Indianapolis, shot and killed himself. In Tehran, Neda Agha Soltan, a 26-year-old student, was shot and killed as she watched a peaceful protest.

    Two very different deaths, two very different news stories, but both required context to express or arouse anything but pain and loss. More »

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