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Domestic Violence

Family and intimate partner violence is the most common crime, yet the least reported. What do journalists need to know to ensure dignified and sensitive reporting on victims and survivors? What does the public need to know about perpetrators? How can news organizations put domestic violence and its prevention onto the public agenda?

Dart Resources

  • Dart Award Honorable Mention

    A Hidden Cause of Chronic Illness

    This illuminating feature explores the connection between domestic violence and chronic illness, drawing on recent scientific research and interviews with medical experts and survivors of violence. Judges called it “a tremendous story on a new concept” and praised Jetter for “clearly articulating the biological ramifications of trauma.” Originally published in More Magazine in November, 2013.

  • Excerpt

    Gavin Rees On "The Trauma Factor"

    In a new book about challenges facing journalism, Dart Centre Europe Director Gavin Rees contributes a chapter about recent insights into trauma science and what journalists and media scholars can learn about them.

  • Event Report

    Dissell & McEvers on Covering Violence

    On November 5 at Columbia University, the Dart Center and the duPont Awards co-hosted a panel discussion with Kelly McEvers of NPR, and Rachel Dissell of The Plain Dealer of Cleveland, on covering violence and trauma in conflict zones, here and abroad. 

  • Speech

    De Cesare Accepts Cabot Prize

    On Monday night, winners of the 75th Annual Maria Moors Cabot Prizes Ceremony were honored at Columbia University's Low Memorial Library. They included Jon Lee Anderson, Mauri König and Alejandro Santos Rubino, as well as documentary photographer and Dart Media Curator Donna De Cesare. Her acceptance speech is published below. Her new book is here.

  • Tip Sheet

    A Royal Commission Tip Sheet

    Key tips from participants of the Dart Centre's daylong forum "Reporting Responsibly into the Royal Commission on Child Sexual Abuse."

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