Dart Staff

  • Bruce Shapiro

    Executive Director

    Bruce Shapiro is Executive Director of the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma, a project of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism encouraging innovative reporting on violence, conflict and tragedy worldwide. An award-winning reporter on human rights, criminal justice and politics, Shapiro is a contributing editor at The Nation and U.S. correspondent for Late Night Live on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio National. He is Adjunct Professor and Senior Advisor for Academic Affairs at Columbia, where he teaches journalism ethics. His books include Shaking the Foundations: 200 Years of Investigative Journalism in America and Legal Lynching: The Death Penalty and America's Future. Shapiro is recipient of the International Society for Traumatic Stress Public Advocacy Award for "outstanding and fundamental contributions to the social understanding of trauma." He is a founding board member of the Global Investigative Journalism Network.

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  • Kate Black

    Director, Programs and Partnerships

    Kate Black is Director of Programs and Partnerships for the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma, a global project that encourages innovative and ethical news coverage on violence, conflict and tragedy worldwide. She oversees the Dart Center’s programs and activities worldwide, including the Dart Awards for Excellence in Coverage of Trauma, the Ochberg Fellowships, the Early Childhood Reporting Initiative, as well as specialized workshops, trainings, and public events. For seven years prior to joining the Dart Center, Kate was a program officer at the Open Society Foundations where she directed the Soros Justice Fellowships and founded and directed the Katrina Media Fellowships, each $1 million grantmaking programs.

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  • Elana Newman

    University of Tulsa
    Research Director

    Elana Newman, McFarlin Professor of Psychology at the University of Tulsa, is the Research Director for the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma. A past president of the International Society of Traumatic Stress Studies, she co-directed the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma’s first satellite office in NYC after 9/11.

    Dr. Newman’s scholarly work in journalism and trauma focuses on understanding the occupational health of journalists who cover traumatic events, evaluating training needs, analyzing trauma-related news, and examining the effects of journalistic practice on consumers and individuals covered in the news. She directed the development of a bibliographic database to help teachers and scholars access information about trauma and journalism, and trains journalists in trauma science, best psychological practice for interviewing survivors, self-care and best practices within newsrooms. Dr. Newman also trains clinicians and researchers on how they can better collaborate with journalists.

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  • Erin Smith

    Dart Centre Asia Pacific

    Dr. Erin Smith (PhD) is the CEO of the Dart Centre Asia Pacific. A longtime advocate for supporting the mental health and wellbeing of first responders and those impacted by trauma, Dr. Smith is a board director for the World Association of Disaster and Emergency Medicine and the Australian First Responder Foundation, an editorial board director for the journals Prehospital and Disaster Medicine, the Journal of High Threat and Austere Medicine, and the Journal of Addictive Diseases, and she writes a regular column for the Australian Emergency Services Magazine. Her research can also be found published widely in academic journals and online media including in The Conversation, where her commentary on the Australian bushfires, the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and the COVID-19 pandemic have reached a global audience of over 600 million. 

  • Kimina Lyall

    Dart Centre Asia Pacific
    Deputy CEO

    Dr Kimina Lyall (DPsych, clinical) is a former journalist with The Australian newspaper and Time Australia. During her 15 year career as a reporter, she worked across the paper, on stories as diverse as politics, the Olympics, features and as Southeast Asia correspondent. During that posting she became a survivor of the Boxing Day tsunami, and later wrote a book on the experience Out of the Blue: Facing the Tsunami.

    She has been involved with the Dart Centre as a trainer since 2008 and was a director on the Dart Centre Asia Pacific board up until 2015. She has had a successful career as an executive with Australian Unity, and is currently practicing as a psychologist. She commenced her role as Deputy CEO of Dart Centre Asia Pacific in February 2020.
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  • Gavin Rees

    Dart Center
    Senior Advisor for Training and Innovation
    Gavin Rees is the Dart Center's Senior Advisor for Training and Innovation. For many years, Gavin Rees was the director of Dart Centre Europe. Responsible for implementing the Centre’s work across Europe, Gavin ran workshops and discussion groups on trauma awareness, resilience and interviewing skills for working journalists and journalism students in a range of countries around the world.  
    Prior to working at the Dart Centre, Gavin produced business and political news for US, British and Japanese news channels, and has worked on drama and documentary films for the BBC, Channel 4 and independent film companies. He was a leading producer on the BBC film Hiroshima, which won an  International Emmy in 2006. He is a visiting fellow in the Media School at Bournemouth University, and is a board member of both the European Society of Traumatic Stress Studies and the UK Psychological Trauma Society. 
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  • Ariel Ritchin

    Senior Producer, Content & Programs

    Ariel Ritchin is the Senior Producer for the Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma, a project of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism encouraging innovative reporting on violence, conflict and tragedy worldwide. He directs and oversees all editorial content and leads strategic and digital initiatives, while managing specialized programs, workshops and trainings for reporters all over the world. Ariel is also a multimedia journalist and documentary filmmaker whose audio and video work has appeared on Life of the Law, NBC News and PBS Newshour, among others. He has previously worked in the multimedia department at the ACLU and as a video editor for Lucky Tiger Productions. He is a Humanity in Action Senior Fellow and a Posse Foundation Scholar. Ariel holds an M.S. from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism and a B.A. from Middlebury College. 

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  • Amantha Perera

    Dart Centre Asia Pacific
    Project Lead
    Amantha Perera is a Project Lead for the Dart Centre Asia Pacific and a foreign correspondent based in Melbourne, Australia. He covers the Asia Pacific region with special interest in conflict, post conflict situations, humanitarian disasters and climate change. He works as a contributor for TIMEReuters/Alertnet, the Inter Press News Service – IPS and the Integrated Regional Information Network – IRIN. Perera is currently pursuing post-graduate research on online trauma threats faced by journalists at CQUniveristy in Melbourne. You can follow him on Twitter at @AmanthaP.


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  • Isobel Thompson

    Resources Editor

    Isobel Thompson is the Dart Center's Resources Editor. She is also a freelance journalist who has written for The Economist, The Financial Times, OpenDemocracy, Vogue and The Face, among others. Formerly an editor and writer in Vanity Fair's London office, she studied English Literature at Trinity College Dublin and holds an M.A. from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism, where she was a Fulbright Scholar. You can follow her on Twitter at @isobelvthompson

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  • Jeanny Gering

    Dart Centre Europe
    Network Director

    Jeanny Gering is Network Director at Dart Centre Europe. She is a TV-News and Documentary Film producer in Germany. She has worked with international broadcasters like the BBC, CBS and Arte. She’s also a screenwriter. Jeanny has worked with Dart Centre Europe since 2012 in diverse roles. Since returning from parental leave Jeanny grows and strengthens the outstanding network of journalists and clinicians who are part of Dart Centre Europe. She coordinates Dart Centre Europe trainers and liaises with partner organisations interested in receiving training in trauma informed reporting and self care for journalists. Jeanny is passionate about listening to individual network members and supporting them in creating innovative, timely initiatives with Dart Centre Europe which support trauma informed journalism and a resilient journalism culture. As Network Manager Jeanny works closely with DCEs Development Director Juliana Ruhfus, as well as colleagues at Dart US and Dart Asia Pacific.

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  • Judith Matloff

    Senior Advisor, Safety Training

    Judith Matloff teaches crisis reporting at Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism. She trailblazed safety training for women and media organizations around the world, helping hundreds of journalists survive an increasingly dangerous world. Over 40 years as a journalist, she has covered top international stories including Rwanda’s genocide, apartheid and the rise of Vladimir Putin. Her essays have appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Forbes, the Financial Times, The Los Angeles Times and The Wall Street Journal. Earlier in her career, Matloff headed the Moscow and Africa bureaus of the Christian Science Monitor and she spent a decade reporting for Reuters from various countries.

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  • Mythili Sampathkumar

    Social Media Manager/Program Associate

    Mythili Sampathkumar is the social media manager and program associate for Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma, a project of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism encouraging innovative reporting on violence, conflict and tragedy worldwide. Mythili is also a journalist based in New York City, who has written for the New York Times, LA Times, NBC News, Daily Beast, Foreign Policy, Vox, Teen Vogue, and several other outlets. She was also a staff reporter for The Independent's New York bureau. She studied at the University of Maryland-College Park and Johns Hopkins University. You can follow her @mythilisk on Twitter. 

Dart Asia Pacific Board

  • Karen Percy

    DCAP Board Chair, 2020 Senior Fellow, 2018 Ochberg Fellow

    Karen Percy has more than 30 years of journalism experience, working primarily at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in Melbourne, Australia. She has also worked as the ABC’s South East Asia Correspondent in Bangkok, as a freelance correspondent in Moscow and in various news agencies including the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Deutsche Welle. As a foreign correspondent, she has covered a coup, an assassination, protest movements,  natural disasters. Back home, she’s covered crime scenes and the courts round.

    Percy is a director of the Walkley Foundation, which fosters excellence in Australian journalism, and is a co-vice president of the Media section of Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance, which supports women in the workplace and hosts discussion and networking opportunities. Percy is also a former Dart Center Ochberg Fellow and Senior Fellow, and is dedicated to raising awareness about the impacts of trauma in media workers as well as advocating for a trauma-informed approach to journalism.

  • Kamal Farouque

    Kamal Farouque is a principal lawyer at Maurice Blackburn, Australia’s leading social justice law firm, where he has worked since 2005. Prior to this, he was a barrister at the Victorian Bar specializing in employment and industrial law, and representing employees and unions in workplace issues. The cases he deals with are diverse and include workplace harassment and regulatory matters relating to industrial organizations. Farouque has participated in significant industrial and employment law litigation in the Australian Federal Court, Supreme Court and Fair Work Commission. Throughout his career, he has represented employees who have suffered significant mental health impacts stemming from time the workplace.

  • Tony Gillies

    Tony Gillies has been a journalist and editor for 40 years. He is the former Editor in Chief of the Australian Associated Press, where he had full editorial and commercial responsibility for 16 years, navigating the national newswire agency through profound industry change. Until recently, he was also President of the global news agency network MINDS International. Prior to his time at the Australian Associated Press, Tony spent almost 25 years in newspaper publishing as a reporter, editor and editorial trainer.

  • Rachael Hocking

    Rachael Hocking has been a reporter and presenter for National Indigenous Television (NITV), Australia’s only national Indigenous TV channel since 2015, and currently co-hosts its flagship show The Point. In her spare time she volunteers on an Aboriginal music show for community radio station 3RRR in Melbourne and freelances as an occasional speaker, moderator and journalist for various publications. In 2018 Rachael was named a Rising Star at the B&T Women in Media awards, and she was part of the NITV team awarded the NSW Kennedy Award for Outstanding Indigenous Affairs Reporting.

  • Cait McMahon

    Dart Centre Asia Pacific

    Cait McMahon OAM, PhD is a registered psychologist and the founding managing director of Dart Centre Asia Pacific since 2003. Dart Asia Pacific has its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia and holds trainings and other programs throughout the Asia Pacific region. McMahon has been interested in the nexus of journalism and trauma since working as staff counsellor at The Age newspaper in Melbourne in the mid 1980’s and 90’s. This interest pushed her to pursue postgraduate research on trauma exposed journalists in 1993 with subsequent publications. Her PhD focused on Australian trauma reporting journalists, post-traumatic stress and post-traumatic growth. Cait has received a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM), one of Australia’s highest civil accolades, for her work with journalists and trauma. 

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Dart Europe Board

  • Angelina Fusco

    DCE Board Chair, 2014 Senior Fellow, 2012 Ochberg Fellow

    Angelina Fusco is Chair of Dart Centre Europe, and one of its associate trainers in journalism and trauma. She was a recipient of a Dart Center Ochberg Fellowship in 2012 and was a Senior Fellow in 2014.

    Fusco, who lives in Belfast, spent 30 years as a journalist in the newsroom of BBC Northern Ireland, half of that time as Editor of Television News. She led teams covering some of the most politically complex, editorially challenging and sensitive stories in any part of Western Europe. Many of her broadcasts involved stories which generated world headlines, ranging from the Omagh bombing to IRA and Loyalist ceasefires, from the 100th anniversary of the Titanic to Royal and US Presidential visits. Angelina has also worked  as a senior trainer at the BBC College of Journalism, working with senior staff from the BBC and other news organisations from around the world.

    Angelina is also a communications and media trainer for the Belfast company, Channel56, and sits on the boards of Content Board - Ofcom, Tourism NI, and the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

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  • Stefan Borg


    Stefan Borg is a senior foreign news correspondent and commentator at the TV4 Sweden news department. For more than twenty years he has reported from around the world on politics, conflicts and natural disasters. Stefan arrived early to cover the earth quakes in Haiti in 2010 and Nepal in 2015 as well as the typhoon in the Philippines in 2013. He has reported from the Balkan wars, the Middle East conflict including the first Gulf War 1991, the Gaza War 2014, the ”Arab Spring” in Egypt and the civil war in Libya 2011. Stefan was a New York based US Correspondent for TV4 1998-2003 and a Berlin based Eastern Europe correspondent for Swedish news paper Aftonbladet 1990-1992. Stefan has developed and handles travel security routines in hostile areas for TV4. He is a 2013 Ochberg Fellow.

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  • Patricia Deane


    A Chartered Member of the CIPD, Patricia Deane has extensive senior HR management experience and is currently the Head of People & Organisational Development at the Northern Ireland Hospice in Belfast. In a career spanning over 30 years Patricia has led teams of HR professionals in the public, private and Third sectors in Northern Ireland including, broadcasting and print media, retail and more recently in Hospices in Northern Ireland.  

    Committed to achieving and maintaining effective HR practices that deliver for the business, Patricia has a proven track record in leadership and management development, change management and employee relations. An ILM accredited coach, Patricia works to embed a coaching culture into organisations and see this approach as the best way to enhance knowledge and skills and grow the potential of staff to develop into effective managers and leaders of the future.

    A Graduate of the University of Ulster, she holds a Humanities Degree in French and Politics, a Masters in Business Administration, and Post-Graduate Certificates and Diplomas in Human Resources and in Learning & Development.

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  • Zahera Harb


    Dr. Zahera Harb is director of MA International Journalism and MA Media and Globalisation (Erasmus Mundus) programs at City University of London. Her publications include an edited collection titled “Reporting the Middle East: the Practice of News in the 21st Century” (IB Tauris 2017) and an edited collection with Dina Matar titled “Narrating Conflict in the Middle East: Discourse, Image and Communication Practices in Palestine and Lebanon” (IB Tauris 2013) and a monograph titled “Channels of Resistance: Liberation Propaganda Hezbollah and the Media“ (IB Tauris, 2011). She has published widely on Journalism and Politics in the Arab region. She is co-editor of Bloomsbury-IB Tauris book series with Dr Dina Matar on “Political Communication and Media Practices in the Middle East and North Africa”. She is co-editor of Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication. She is Associate editor of the internationally renowned top ranking academic journal Journalism Practice.

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  • Stephen Jukes

    Board Chair

    Stephen Jukes is Professor of Journalism at Bournemouth University's Faculty of Media & Communication, one of the largest of its kind in Europe with an international reputation for combining research, teaching and professional practice. His research focuses on areas of objectivity and emotion in news with an emphasis on trauma and conflict journalism. He was previously a foreign correspondent and editor at the international news agency Reuters. During a series of overseas postings he covered or oversaw coverage of stories ranging from the ousting of Margaret Thatcher to the fall of the Berlin Wall, two Gulf Wars and September 11. In his final position at Reuters, he was Global Head of News and executive editor for a series of books on the Middle East conflict.  He chairs the Dart Centre for Journalism & Trauma in Europe and is a trustee of the Institute for War & Peace Reporting.

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  • Sacha Mirzoeff


    Sacha Mirzoeff is an award-winning filmmaker, currently working as an Executive Producer at BBC Bristol overseeing the documentary output. He specialises in social issue documentaries shot over long periods of time. Mirzoeffs's credits include Protecting our Children, Charles Darwin and The Tree of Life, My Foetus, Witch Child and Shooting Under Fire, and his awards include the Deutsche Fersehpreis and the Grierson award, in addition to multiple BAFTA nominations.

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  • Gill Moreton


    Gill is a psychological therapist at the Rivers Centre for Traumatic Stress in Edinburgh specialising in the treatment of adults who have developed traumatic stress reactions. She is involved in training and research in the UK and internationally, and has a particular interest in work with emergency service personnel and other staff with occupational exposure to potentially traumatic stressors.

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  • Juliana Ruhfus

    Development Director

    Juliana Ruhfus is the Development Director Dart Centre Europe. She is a multi-award winning filmmaker, presenter and executive producer specialised in investigative and current-affairs
    programming for global broadcasters. Juliana was selected as a Dart Centre Ochberg Fellow in 2012 and joined the board of trustees for the Dart Centre Europe shortly later. Amidst a growing mental health awareness in newsrooms Juliana sees research-based trauma-awareness as key to ensuring that not just media practitioners but also vulnerable contributors are treated with the necessary care and respect. Since November 2021 Juliana has been leading DCE's transition into a more decentralised European organisation with a growing number of fundable trauma and journalism programmes that reflect the changing news environment and the needs of journalists and media organisations.

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Country Contacts

  • Klas Backholm

    Country Contact, Finnish Network

    Klas Backholm is a journalism and trauma researcher at the Developmental Psychology Department at Åbo Akademi University in Vaasa, Finland, where he specialises in the psychology of crisis situations. Since the beginning of 2008, Backholm has been involved in creating a Dart network in Finland. Klas is currenlty involved in research projects focusing on risk factors for psychological impairment in journalists working with mass shootings, and on journalists' usage of social media platforms during crisis-related work assignments. He wrote his doctoral thesis on the psychological well-being of journalists after crisis-related work. Prior to become a lecturer, Klas worked as a news journalist at the Finnish Broadcasting Company.

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  • Anne Bourges

    Country Contact, French Network

    Anne Bourges is a journalist on the French daily newspaper La Montagne. For more than 15 years she has been covering crime, social affairs and general news. She began writing for French regional papers in the early 1990s after a period working on publications in Canada. Since 2007 she has been involved in creating a Dart network for France and the Francophone world.

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  • Elaine Cobbe

    Country Contact, French Network

    Elaine Cobbe is a seasoned news journalist with more than 20 years of experience of covering international events. A correspondent for CBS News, she is based in Paris and has reported from around the world, including Iraq, Kosovo and Rwanda. She is also a regular commentator of French news on radio in Ireland, South Africa and New Zealand.

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  • Liselotte Englund

    Country Contact, Scandinavian Network

    Liselotte Englund is Head of Department (Prefect) of Environmental and Life Sciences; Faculty of Health, Science and Technology at Karlstad University, Sweden. She is also Assistant Professor of Media and Communication Studies, stationed at Risk Management. Besides she is a member of the Universitys’ Executive Committes at Center for Public Safety and Health Academy. She is a former postdoctoral fellow at the National Centre of Disaster Psychiatry at Uppsala University and a freelance journalist who runs her own company, Liselotte Englund Media AB.

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  • Chiung-wen (Julia) Hsu

    Country Contact, Chinese-Speaking Network

    Chiung-wen (Julia) Hsu is an associate professor of College of Communication at National Cheng Chi University in Taiwan. She has a PhD in communication from the State University of New York at Buffalo and she has been working on media coverage of victims since 2004. 

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  • Trond Idås

    Country Contact, Scandinavian Network

    Trond Idås is an advisor for the Norwegian Union of Journalists, and is responsible for national courses in safety and trauma training for professional journalists. He lectures in journalism and truama at Oslo University College.


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  • Milorad Ivanovic

    Country Contact, Balkan Network

    Milorad Ivanovic is the deputy editor-in-chief of Blic, the largest Serbian daily newspaper. He was previously the paper’s foreign affairs editor and has a special interest in investigative and cross-border journalism. Milorad founded the Media Focus, Center for Investigative Journalism in Serbia and is on the board of SCOOP, a network of investigative journalists working in East and Southeastern Europe.

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  • Jana D. Javakhishvili

    Dart Centre Europe
    Contact, South Caucasus Network

    Jana (Darejan) Javakhishvili is a Georgian psychologist who has been working in trauma research, training and treatment since 1995. She provides psychological assistance to individuals who have been traumatized in armed incidents. Javakhishvili is heavily engaged in the field of conflict transformation as a facilitator for peace building events in Georgia and the South Caucasus. She supervises projects focused on mental health care reforms in the South Caucasus and Central Asia at the Tbilisi office of the Global Initiative on Psychiatry.

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  • Olga Kravtsova

    Country Contact, Russian Network

    Olga Kravtsova, a former Fulbright Scholar in residence at the University of Washington, coordinates Dart Center activities in Russia.  Kravtsova has a background in psychology, holds a PhD degree from Moscow State University and has worked with different traumatized populations such as rape survivors and forced migrants since 1994. She has studied human rights, trauma and related issues and is co-author of two books and several articles on the psychology of trauma and social tolerance.

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