Aly Colón

Group Leader for Reporting, Writing & Editing, Poynter Institute for Media Studies

Aly Colón is the Poynter Institute for Media Studies' Group Leader for Reporting, Writing & Editing and Director of Diversity Programs.

Colón shows journalists how to find the untold stories, explores diverse approaches to covering news, teaches ethical decision-making, and how to connect with under-covered communities. Colón also presents regularly at the National Writers Workshop. He serves as the editor for the Best Newspaper Writing book produced annually by Poynter. He consults with news organizations on diversity, ethics, writing and leadership. He has worked as a newspaper editor and reporter. Prior to Poynter he worked at The Seattle Times as an assistant metro editor and as diversity reporter and coach. As a reporter, he focused on the "intersections" where people of different races, cultures, gender, and abilities meet.