Arnold R. Isaacs

A longtime reporter and editor for The Baltimore Sun, Isaacs is the author of the books Without Honor: Defeat in Vietnam and Cambodia and Vietnam Shadows. Since the mid-1990s, Isaacs has conducted training programs for journalists in various places, including several former Soviet republics, the Balkans, and a number of countries in Southeast Asia. He is a member of the Dart Center advisory council.

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  • Leaving Saigon

    Thirty years since April '75—good grief. It seems almost too trite to say, but it doesn't seem that it could possibly have been that long ago. Every April reminds me of the end of the Vietnam war, this one more than most, not just because of the round number but because of an encounter with the past that I had just a couple of weeks before the actual anniversary. The following ruminations are longer than I intended, but here they are anyway.

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