Bradley Clift

Bradley Clift is a Connecticut-based photojournalist with more than 25 years of experience.

Bradley Clift has devoted his life to photography. During his 25-year journalism career, Clift has traveled to 44 countries and 45 states on assignment, and documented some of the most important news events of our time including Tiananmen Square, China in 1989; U.N. sanctions on Iraq in 2000; illegal immigration in Ecuador in 2003; civil war and famine in Somalia in 1992 and genocide in Sudan, 2005. He has also photographed Superbowls, World Series, national political conventions, and four presidents. Clift’s photographs have been published in over 5,000 newspaper articles and most major magazines, including Time, Newsweek, Stern and Paris Match. He was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and winner of the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award and Kodak Crystal Eagle Award for the Impact in Photojournalism.