Erika Almiron

Erika Almiron is Executive Director of Juntos, a Latino immigrant-led community organization working for human rights. Almiron was born in South Philadelphia to immigrant parents from Paraguay and has spent almost two decades working in the Latino community. In her youth she served as president of various Latino leadership organizations in her high school in Norristown and at Penn State University. She went on to work with Latino communities in Philadelphia and surrounding counties on issues ranging from women’s health, gentrification, prison reform, and poverty. Several years ago she helped start the Media Mobilizing Project while working at the American Friends Service Committee with the Mexico/US border program on the issue of living and working conditions for maquiladora workers. Prior to joining Juntos as Executive Director, Almiron was the assistant director of the Philadelphia Student Union working with young people on leadership development and education reform. In her spare time she is a freelance photographer and her pictures have been published and exhibited over the last several years in Philadelphia and beyond. She has documented prison conditions in South America, mountain top removal in West Virginia, homelessness in Harlem, and most recently she received the prestigious Leeway Foundation Award to document agricultural reform and land distribution in Brazil and Paraguay.

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