Kole Kleeman

Kole Kleeman is a professor in the mass communications department at the University of Central Oklahoma. His research focus in the Victims and the Media Unit at U.C.O. concerns anti-violence education for print and broadcast journalists, understanding trauma and victimization, and creating greater awareness and sensitivity to under-represented groups in the media. 

He published “Victims and the Media:  A Semiotic Analysis of Hate Crime Reporting and the Media” in The American Journal of Semiotics (2003).  He presented a working paper on Trauma and the Holocaust along with the research of two of his Victims and the Media students at Florida State University in 2006.  Kole published “A Media Literacy Approach to Violence:  Anti-Violence Education Strategies in the Classroom” in The Texas Speech Communication Journal (April 2008). Dr. Kleeman has directed student research and publication in the Victims and the Media Unit since 1998 at U.C.O.He earned his Ph.D. from the Department of Communication Studies at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.   

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