Olga Kravtsova

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Olga Kravtsova, a former Fulbright Scholar in residence at the University of Washington, coordinates Dart Center activities in Russia. Kravtsova has a background in psychology, holds a PhD degree from Moscow State University and has worked with different traumatized populations such as rape survivors and forced migrants since 1994. She has studied human rights, trauma and related issues and is co-author of two books and several articles on the psychology of trauma and social tolerance.

She is the founder and director of the Journalism Advancement and Support Center, a small NGO created in 2012 to advocate for free, responsible and safe journalism and to provide psychological support and education to reporters covering traumatic situations. Earlier, she worked as the director for the Center for Journalism in Extreme Situations in Moscow, Russia.

Olga has served as a trainer in the field of reporting in traumatic situations and stressful conditions for journalists in Russia and other countries. She maintains a blog in Russian about the issues of journalism and trauma and a Facebook page called OK Journalism.

Olga speaks Russian and English.

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