Rosa Meneses


Rosa Meneses is a news reporter on the foreign desk of El Mundo, one of Spain’s leading newspapers. Since 1999, she has specialized in coverage of the Middle East and North Africa. Since the outbreak of the 2011 Arab Spring, she has covered the Tunisian revolution, the conflict in Libya in all its phases and the civil war in Syria. While covering the Libyan uprising in Misurata Meneses was shot in the back, surviving thanks to a flak jacket. She reported on the war in Lebanon (summer of 2006) and since 2003 she has been travelling regularly to report on events in Algeria, Morocco, Western Sahara, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, the Gulf countries and the Israel-Palestine conflict. Meneses won the Spain’s National Award on New Journalism in 2010 for her coverage in Morocco. She currently is a contributor for the think-tanks NOREF (Oslo) and CEIPAZ (Madrid), and an analyst for Radio Nederland (Dutch National Radio’s Spanish service) and Revolve Magazine.