Attend the Global Media Forum, Virtually

Today is the first day of Deutsche Welle's annual Global Media Forum. The theme is "Conflict Prevention in the Multimedia Age." The location, as usual, is Bonn, Germany. Fortunately for those of us not in Bonn, there are a few ways to follow along.

First, there's the official blog, which already features a video welcome from Deutsche Welle Director General Erik Bettermann and a post from keynote speaker Howard Rheingold's shoes. Then there's the official Flickr stream of photographs and the official SoundCloud page of audio, which already features excerpts from several speeches, including Rheingold's. So far, the official YouTube channel for Deutsche Welle hasn't been posting videos of the conference.

For up to the minute, unofficial coverage, Twitter fanatics and skeptics alike can take a look at the designated Twitter hashtag (#dwgmf). It was through that Twitter feed that I found this quick video interview of Rupert Reid, crisis-management consultant, by Guy Degen, on training journalists to deal with the threat of kidnapping. The interview followed a Dart-hosted panel, "Surviving Kidnap," that featured Reid and other psychological and safety experts alongside journalists and editors who have experienced abduction.

Finally, stay tuned to the Dart Blog — we'll be bringing you more on the conference here.