Helping Joplin's Journalists

As I am sure you know, the death toll continues to rise in Joplin, Missouri, devastated by the worst tornado to hit the U.S. in 60 years. At this writing, 132 people are dead, and many others are still missing.

You may not know, however, that the journalists of Joplin have been on the job from moments after the storm, even though many of their own homes and neighborhoods were destroyed. At least one quarter of the employees of the Joplin Globe lost their homes or had their homes heavily damaged.

There is a way we can help our colleagues in Joplin. The Missouri Press Association has established a relief fund, managed by its nonprofit affiliate, the Missouri Press Foundation. The Missouri Press Foundation Board of Directors will oversee 100 percent distribution of the funds.

Donations (tax-deductible in the U.S.) may be sent to the Missouri Press Foundation, 802 Locust Street, Columbia, MO 65201. Or donate directly through the Missouri Press Foundation website.