Audio: Conflict Journalism and Surviving Kidnap

Last month in Bonn, Germany, news media, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, politicians, artists, entrepreneurs and scientists from all over the world came together to discuss conflict in a multimedia age. The Dart Center organized panels on "The Trauma Factor:  The Missing Ingredient in Conflict Journalism" and "Surviving Kidnap": You now can download or listen online to the audio.

The Trauma Factor: The Missing Ingredient in Conflict Journalism from the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum

Dart Center executive director Bruce Shapiro, research director Elana Newman and West Balkan coordinator Milorad Ivanovic along with Andrea Rübenacker, director of Deutsche Welle Akademie's Africa division, discuss how to bring an understanding of psychological trauma to covering war.

 Surviving Kidnap from the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum

Dart Centre Europe director Gavin Rees, Dart Centre Australasia director Cait McMahon, crisis-management consultant Rupert Reid and formerly-kidnapped journalist Carlos Alberto Giraldo Monsalve discuss what local news organizations and their reporters can do to weather the kidnap threat.

For more on the 2009 Global Media Forum, read the Dart Blog's event coverage.