Northern Ireland Conference Advises Dealing with "Act Two"

Ten years after the death of Martin O’Hagan, the only journalist killed in Northern Ireland's three-decade civil conflict, the National Union of Journalists held a conference in Belfast on September 30 exploring the safety issues and pressures that arise when covering sectarian violence. As the NUJ's Freelance reports, the theme was trauma and the effects of trauma that go beyond the front line:

It was extremely valuable to hear from journalists who covered the long years of the Troubles. As a trade union the NUJ now has the opportunity to learn from its members' hard-gained knowledge and to implement processes to guard against and help heal traumas that are the inevitable result of working in a climate of conflict.

You can read the article - including the perspectives of veteran Northern Ireland reporters, photographers and editors, younger journalists, victim advocates and as well as the Dart Center's Bruce Shapiro and Petra Tabeling - online.