A PTSD Lawsuit First?

Journalists in Switzerland and Germany are talking about the case of Carl Just: a war reporter suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder who just sued his former employer. Just's lawsuit appears to be the first suit for work-related PTSD to be brought by a journalist against a European media company.

Carl Just had reported for magazines for more than twenty years, covering massacres in Lebanon and the Balkans, the plight of refugees in Africa and war in Iraq and Afghanistan. In the last few years, he began to suffer from nightmares, flashbacks and panic attacks, and was finally diagnosed with PTSD after finding Dr. Ulrich Schnyder on the Internet. According to a German-language TV segment, he was laid off by Ringier publishing after his editors turned down a meeting with his therapist.

Ringier agreed to settle the lawsuit for an undisclosed sum, though they have gone on record saying they did everything possible to help Just.

German-speakers can watch the full TV segment, which includes an interview with Dart Centre Germany's Fee Rojas. Petra Tabeling, Dart's country coordinator for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, has also been following the case, and will let you know about any further developments.