Release Peter Greste Now

The Dart Centre for Trauma and Journalism - Asia Pacific calls for the release of Australian journalist Peter Greste and 20 of his Al Jazeera colleagues arrested in Egypt. On December 29, 2013 Mr. Greste and his team, Egyptian-Canadian Cairo bureau chief Mohamed Fadel Fahmy and Egyptian producer Baher Mohamed were arrested in Cairo for being part of, or assisting, a “terrorist organisation."

The Dart Centre Asia Pacific believes that Greste and his colleagues were undertaking responsible and balanced journalism and that they are being held for political reasons.

The Dart Centre Asia Pacific supports free speech and independent journalism, and urges the Egyptian authorities to recognise the importance of this work in the building of democracy.

The court case for the arrested journalists begins on February, 20, 2014. Dart Centre Asia Pacific calls for the immediate release of all of those detained and for all charges against those arrested to be dropped. Additionally, all should be allowed to continue the important work of journalism in Egypt.

—Dart Centre Asia Pacific Board of Directors


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