Solutions Journalism Network Launches Comprehensive Toolkit

The Solutions Journalism Network has released a 48-page guide to encourage rigorous reporting about responses to social problems. Designed for journalists already familiar with traditional reporting methods, the toolkit guides its readers to cover stories that are often overlooked, and challenges the notion of some reporters and editors who label solution-based stories as fluff, advocacy or PR.

“Problems are harder to ignore. Problems scream; solutions whisper,” said Solutions Journalism Network co-founder David Bornstein. “So, without concerted efforts, journalists will miss lots of quiet stories that have the potential to inject new information.”

Bornstein, Courtney Martin and Tina Rosenberg founded the Solution Journalisms Network (SJN) in 2012, and are currently working with more than 30 newsrooms and hundreds of individual journalists nationwide. Click here to download their free, 48-page booklet, and click below for a short video from SJN.

Click here for research from SJN and the Engaging News Project on solutions-based journalism and reader engagement.