Stellar New Work by Ochberg Fellows

Our friends at the Dart Society have put out a stellar Fall 2012 issue of Dart Society Reports, featuring work by seven current or previous Ochberg Fellows. The magazine is also edited by 2009 Ochberg Fellow and award-winning journalist Jina Moore.

In the issue, John Moore publishes a slideshow, "The Intrepid," about soldiers healing from physical injury. Phil Zabriskie argues that civilians are veterans of war too, in a piece called "Another Kind of Veteran," co-published with Foreign Policy. Huascar Robles writes about experimental courts that sentence vets to rehab rather than jail time for substance abuse and minor crimes in "For Vets, a New Version of Justice." Dave Philipps writes about his interviewing techniques for his Pulitzer-finalist series, “Just Get Out of the Way.” Alia Malek writes about Syria’s displaced people in Armenia in "Syria’s Less Vissible Losses." Beth Macy interviews Frank Ochberg about the disagreement over whether to change the diagnosis of PTSD to PTSI. And Lori Grinker produces a multimedia feature, "The Wilderness After War," about three soldiers and how they handled PTSD – two of them by leaving the army. Congrats all.