Dart Society Seeks 2009 Mimi Award Nominations

The Dart Society, a group of journalists who have won awards and fellowships from the Dart Center, is seeking nominations for The Mimi Award, bestowed annually on an exemplary editor.

The Dart Society is seeking nominations for The Mimi Award, an annual prize that recognizes exceptional work by an editor. For more details, see the Dart Society website.

The Dart Society is an independent group of journalists dedicated to promoting sensitive coverage of victims of violence. Members have received fellowships and awards from the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma.

This year, The Mimi will be presented in August during a Dart Society Reunion and Symposium in Indianapolis. The Mimi Award includes a $1,000 prize.

The Mimi was created to honor the memory of Providence Journal editor Mimi Burkhardt, who died unexpectedly in December 2004. Burkhardt inspired those around her to live up to high ideals and to produce solid journalism with heart. The award recognizes editors who support and encourage excellence, like Mimi did, and who have a keen understanding of how to navigate the emotional landscape of assignments involving tragedy and trauma.

Previous winners include Lois Norder, managing editor of investigations at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and David Clark Scott, international news editor at The Christian Science Monitor. The 2009 winner will be the third recipient of The Mimi Award.

“Given the challenges facing our profession today, it is more important than ever to recognize those who inspire us to continue to work hard, to care for the people we write about and to produce the best work possible,” said Dart Society President Scott North, an assistant city editor and projects reporter at The Daily Herald in Everett, Washington.

The Dart Society is seeking nominations from journalists and journalism organizations around the United States. A panel of journalists affiliated with the Dart Society will select the winner. They will review examples of the nominees’ work, read letters of nomination and conduct interviews with the top finalists’ co-workers.

The nonprofit Dart Society includes journalists from some 50 newspapers, wire services and broadcast organizations in the U.S., Europe and Australia, as well as nearly two-dozen award-winning freelance photographers and writers.

For more information or to nominate an editor for The 2009 Mimi Award, please visit the Dart Society website.

The deadline for nominations is June 1. The 2009 Mimi Award will be presented on Aug. 28 at the Dart Society Reunion and Symposium, which is being held in conjunction with the annual Society of Professional Journalists convention.