Moscow Attack: Resources in Russian

As news professionals sort through the aftermath of a Jan. 24 suicide bombing at Moscow's largest airport, the Dart Centre's Russian-language guides provide help for in-country journalists.

Взрыв в Москве: информационные материалы

В помощь журналистам, освещающим последствия взрыва в крупнейшем московском аэропорту Домодедово 24 января 2011 г., Центр Дарт предлагает подборку полезных материалов на русском языке.

A deadly blast at the international arrivals hall of Moscow's busiest airport Jan. 24 has been ruled a terrorist attack. As in-country journalists pursue the story, the Dart Centre's Russian-language resources provide some useful guidance on how to report on the immediate tragedy and deal with the after-effects.

Dart Center's regional coordinator in Russia, Olga Kravtsova, runs an online community called "The Psychology of Stress for Journalists" ("Психология стресса для журналистов"). She offers additional Russian-language resources:

And here are additional resources from the Dart Center archives useful to all journalists reporting on mass casualties: