Reporting War

A self-study course and fact sheets on the trauma and journalism are available from the Dart Center and the affiliated Dart Society. Further resources are available at the web site of the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies.

Participants in the Bretton Woods War Reporting Retreat (affiliation as of October, 2005):

Hannah Allam, former Knight Ridder Baghdad bureau chief; Gina Cavallaro, Army Times reporter; Bill Gentile, independent journalist and visual documentarian; Dana Hull, San Jose Mercury News reporter; Santiago Lyon, director of photography for the Associated Press; Judith Matloff, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism professor; Darrin Mortenson, North County Times reporter; Robert Nickelsberg, contract photographer, Time Magazine; Hayne Palmour, North County Times photographer; Alissa Rubin, Los Angeles Times co-bureau chief in Baghdad; Sharon Schmickle, Minneapolis Star Tribune international correspondent; Scott Wallace, freelance correspondent, photographer, producer; David Wood, military writer, Newhouse News. From the Dart Center and Dart Society: Mark Brayne, Penny Cockerell, Frank Ochberg, Bruce Shapiro.