Reporting War

Sharon Schmickle has reported from 22 countries – most recently Egypt, Afghanistan, Thailand and Iraq, where she was embedded with the U.S. Marines during the invasion in 2003. She has worked for the Minneapolis Star Tribune and the online publication

Her journalism awards include: Pulitzer Prize finalist in 1996, National Press Club’s Washington Correspondent of the Year in 1996, Overseas Press Club of America first place award in 1994 and six first place awards from the Minnesota Associated Press. In 2007, she was the reporter for Star Tribune coverage of Liberians, which won an Editor & Publisher EPpy Award for online journalism.

This handbook is informed most of all by journalists who have given their lives covering conflict.

My family has been a source of constant encouragement even through assignments that caused anxiety at home.

This project was organized by Dart Society President Penny Cockerell and Bruce Shapiro, Executive Director of the Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma. Dart staff and Society members were instrumental in completing the report.