Group Think: Story Ideas

Story ideas generated by journalists during a group think session at the the 2012 Dart Center workshop "Covering Suicide."


1)     Bullies are at Higher Risk for Suicidal Tendencies

  • Talk to a bully; Talk to an adult criminal and have him/her look back on his/her life

2)     "A Day of Truth”: Evangelicals bash gay communities at schools. Is a public school a complete free speech zone?

  • An LGBT group & Christian group in conversation

3)     People of Faith who are not accepted by their Churches

  • Profile a Gay Christian Student
1)     Soldiers at the Brink: Those who choose to live
  • Successful Re-entry into Public Life, Overcoming Mental Health Issues & Post Traumatic Growth
  • The Choice: Story of someone reaching that point of despair and choosing life. What made them turn away?
  • Profile veterans in community colleges; department for returning veterans; Veterans’ Employment Offices; Recruiting Offices for Contacts; Religious Organizations; Community Groups

2)     Comparing Suicide Rates across borders, with a focus on Compulsory vs. Volunteer Service.

  • W.H.O. has data, but countries will not report equally.
1)     Social Media & Contagion
  • Scientific Sense: How does contagion work?
  • The Reality of Contagion in a social media saturated environment


  • Temple University’s Media Lab
  • Online peer support in the Twitter-verse: Expert analysis of Twitter-generated advice
1)     Lariam: Devastating Side Effects on Veterans
2)     Destroy Common Myths about Suicide: Using Hooks
  • Holidays & suicide: People don’t generally choose to kill themselves during the holidays, though that is when families often hurt the most.
  • Homicide vs. Suicide: There are generally MORE suicides than homicides.
WILD IDEA ROUND: 30-second story pitches on suicide
  • The Rise in Suicide among groups that until now have rarely killed themselves i.e. Blacks & Jews.
  • Choosing Life. Stories about people that have attempted suicide and have lived to be happy that they’re still alive.
  • Hidden Effects of Drugs. Stories about drugs like Lariam & others that have hidden side effects that can result in suicidal behavior.
  • Students with Suicide Plans. High Percentage of HS students in Philadelphia that have admitted to having a “suicide clan.”
  • Why is Suicide so Taboo? Let’s talk about it.
  • Suicidal Ideation is much more common than anyone wants to acknowledge.
  • Watchdog investigative reporting piece looking at whether the suicide prevention programs at colleges & universities are in place/practice.