Covering Guns: Story Ideas

Localize national stories. Dive deep into the data. Humanize your stories.

Below is a list of story topics compiled by workshop participants during a short brainstorming session at the close of the "Covering Guns" workshop:

  • Gun violence as a women’s health issue
  • Guns issues on the border
  • Guns and gun ownership by race
  • Mental health issues and PTSD in inner city communities 
  • Suppressed gun violence-related trauma in young people
  • Youth suicide
  • Suicide by gun: patterns and causes 
  • Tracing guns often-used in suicides
  • Before and after legalized suicide: Did it knock down the gun suicide numbers?
  • Suicide attempts that don’t end in death: People who are given another chance at life; efficacy of gun suicide
  • Suicide as a public health issue; Suicide contagion
  • Time to crime stories: How long after someone obtains a gun before he or she commits suicide/crime 
  • A look at Las Vegas businesses that allow you to “become” a Navy seal for the day/week
  • Shot spotter technology: How effective is it? What does the data show?
  • Trace guns in compelling cases
  • Economics discussion: costs of guns and gun violence
  • Attempts at intervention and reducing the demand for guns
  • Solutions-based stories: what do they mean and how would they fit within the framework of a data-driven story?
  • Officer-involved shootings as they relate to domestic violence
  • Differences between police forces in the 1980’s and today: The assumption is that everyone has a gun now – Does this change approaches to policing?
  • A story on language and terminology, i.e. “officer-involved shootings”