Women of Juarez

Abdel Latif Sharif Sharif, Egyptian immigrant with arrest record of assaulting women in the United States, charged in 1995 with murders of seven women in Ciudad Juárez. Convicted in 1999 of murdering Elizabeth Castro, 17. Conviction overturned in 2000 and other charges dropped. He remains in a Mexican prison pending an appeal. He maintains his innocence. In 2003, charged with seven more murders he’s suspected of commissioning from prison.

Seven members of “Los Rebeldes” (“the Rebels”), nightclub workers said to belong to a Juárez gang, were arrested in 1996 and remain in prison. Sharif was accused of commissioning the murders, but the suspects said they are not guilty and were tortured into confessing by authorities. The gang’s suspected leader, Sergio Armendariz, was a nightclub security guard.

Jesus Manuel Guardado, bus driver known as “El Tolteca” (“The Toltec”), arrested in 1999 in the kidnapping, rape and choking of a 14-year-old girl who survived. Guardado named three other bus drivers, and another man, Victor Moreno, who were arrested and charged with seven murders each. Agustin Toribio Castillo, Bernardo Hernandez Fernandez and Jose Gaspar Ceballos said they are not guilty and were forced into signing confessions by authorities. None have been sentenced.

Victor Javier Garcia Uribe and Gustavo Gonzalez Meza, bus drivers imprisoned in 2001 in connection with the murders of eight women whose bodies were dumped in a Juárez cotton field. They say they were tortured by authorities into confessing to the murders. Gonzalez died in prison. Garcia remains in prison waiting for his case to be tried.

Cynthia Kiecker, Minnesota woman who lives in Mexico, and her husband, Ulysis Perzabal, arrested last year in the slaying of a woman in the city of Chihuahua, where the serial killings are believed to have spread. Kiecker and her husband say they were tortured by authorities into confessing.

Details on slaying cases
Investigators say no women who have been killed in 2004 fit the profile of the victims of possible serial killers.
To see the list of slain women that has been kept by Casa Amiga domestic-violence center see www.casa-amiga.org/English%202002.doc and www.casa-amiga.org/English%202002.doc