SXSW Panel: Uncovering the Story - PTSD Among Journalists

March 14, 2018
Austin, TX, United States

Covering violent, traumatic or disturbing stories over the course of a journalism career can trigger Post Traumatic Stress symptoms. Journalists don’t have to be embedded in a war-torn country to feel PTSD’s devastating effects. It creeps up and can turn lives upside down. An Emmy-winning journalist, a nationally-recognized trauma therapist and the research director at the Dart Center discuss what kind of impact this line of work may have on health.


  1. If journalists aren't in the middle of war, for example, or even emotionally connected to the story, how can they actually be impacted?
  2. Are journalists diagnosed with PTSD considered to be suffering from “psychological” problems and how could that affect the future of their careers?
  3. How do the symptoms of PTSD present themselves in journalists, and how can they be treated?



Cile Spelce, Exec Producer / Principal, Electro-Fish Creative