Reporting Resources: Covering Children and the Syrian Refugee Crisis

January 20-23, 2019
Columbia Global Center
Amman, Jordan
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Recent conflicts in Syria and Iraq have created the largest refugee crisis since World War II. This ongoing upheaval presents a major challenge to reporters in the region and to the global press corps – including how to cover the crucial impact of war, violence, and displacement on vast numbers of babies and toddlers. Too often reporting has overlooked the consequences of the refugee crisis for young children’s brain development, emotional and cognitive growth, academic potential, and economic trajectory, as well as the policies that promote resilience and growth in the face of violence, stress and upheaval.

To prepare local, regional, and international reporters to cover refugee children and families with greater knowledge, depth and skills, the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma hosted a four-day journalism training workshop in Amman, Jordan, with a special focus on the Syrian refugee crisis and response.

Resources, including expert briefing materials, suggested readings and full video coverage, can be found below.

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