Dart Centre Europe Retreat 2019

July 12-14, 2019
United Kingdom

Every year the Dart Centre Europe organises a retreat in the UK for journalists from Europe, whose work stands out and reflects a sensitivity to and interest in trauma aware reporting.  

The idea is to bring together a group of 12 outstanding journalists from various crafts with the Dart Centre’s faculty and leading mental health clinicians for an exchange in expertise. The Dart Centre will provide input on what trauma is and how it affects us, our sources and audience. We’ll discuss interviewing techniques and other topics around craft, and we will focus on how we can take care of ourselves to stay mentally fit for the job as well as look out for and support colleagues.

We’re hosting the retreat in an off-site location to be removed from daily distractions, as this is meant to be a time-out to reflect together on our work and wellbeing. The retreat is by invitation only and fully booked for this year. If you are interested in this event in the future you can contact our Program Manager Jeanny Gering at [email protected]