Journalism Safety: How to Protect Yourself While #CoveringCOVID

April 24, 2020

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A UK Government minister has described trusted news outlets as a “fourth emergency service” during the COVID-19 pandemic, because they provide independent, verifiable information to the public. But to fulfill this duty, journalists around the world are risking their own health and safety every day.

Those deemed to be "key workers" or members of an "essential service" are still reporting in the field in many parts of the world. And even those working remotely for newsrooms operating virtually find themselves increasingly in the firing line as COVID-19 is politicized.

How can journalists protect themselves physically, psychologically, and digitally while #CoveringCOVID? What should employers be doing to support them? And what long term effects should we prepare for now?

Renowned Egyptian journalist and journalism safety trainer Abeer Saady, and the Dart Center’s Asia Pacific Director Dr. Cait McMahon, will join ICFJ’s Global Director of Research, Dr. Julie Posetti to explore these issues and share practical advice that journalists can immediately begin implementing on the ground.