POSTPONED: Childhood Under Stress - Reporting on Poverty and Inequality in Cote d’Ivoire

April 1-4, 2020
Abidjan, Ivory Coast

The Dart Center is organizing a four-day intensive workshop in Cote d’Ivoire to encourage ethical reporting, in-depth reporting on young children and the challenges they face. 

During the first seven years of life, a child’s brain develops rapidly, forming complex connections that are the foundation for strong physical health, cognitive functioning and emotional relationships. While many journalists understand that children are profoundly affected by early experiences, they are often under-prepared to report knowledgeably on early brain development and adversity, and as a consequence, these issues are not adequately understood by the public and policymakers.

Through panels and presentations by leading neuroscientists, psychologists and public health experts, this workshop will explore issues of poverty and adversity and their effects on early brain development; access to education and social and emotional learning; and child labor. It will offer opportunities for intellectual exchange, knowledge sharing, and networking between journalists and scientists, researchers, and practitioners. It will also include journalist-to-journalist discussions on how to report on children ethically and effectively, and how to translate complex issues into meaningful stories and compelling news coverage.

This workshop has been underwritten by the Bernard Van Leer Foundation (Netherlands), Jacobs Foundation (Switzerland), Maria Cecilia Souto Vigidal Foundation (Brazil) and The Two Lilies Fund (United States).

This is an invitation-only program.