Gun Violence News Summit

April 6, 2021
1:00 pm EST
It’s time to rethink how journalism covers gun violence and mass shootings.

How should journalists respond to the never-ending news cycle of gun violence in America? Join some of the country’s top reporters, editors, and thinkers to discuss a new approach. We’ll discuss:

  • How guns and mass shootings are covered in the national press
  • Lessons from local news outlets
  • Best practices when reporting on copy cats, race and guns, and shooters and victims

Introduction by

Manuel and Patricia Oliver
Change the Ref


John Eligon
The New York Times

John Woodrow Cox
Washington Post and author of “Children Under Fire: An American Crisis”

Jiayang Fan
The New Yorker

Abené Clayton
The Guardian

Alain Stephens
The Trace

Humera Lodhi
Kansas City Star

Jessica Beard
Center for Gun Violence Reporting

Bruce Shapiro
Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma

Kyle Pope
The Columbia Journalism Review

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