Resources for Reporters and Editors Covering the Conflict in Ukraine

These resources aim to help journalists and editors covering the fast-developing conflict in Ukraine. 

Today Russian military forces launched multiple attacks on Ukraine. 

As an immediate response, the Dart Center has assembled this list of resources for local and international journalists who are covering this fast-developing crisis. 

Reporting and trauma-informed interviewing

  • In 2015, the Dart Center developed a series of specific resources for journalists covering conflict along the border with the separatist enclaves of Donetsk and Luhansk. They discuss interviewing trauma-affected contributors and self-care for journalists and are available in Ukrainian and Russian. 

  • Available in English and Ukrainian, this booklet gathers lessons learned by a group of seasoned conflict reporters who covered Iraq and Afghanistan. 

  • Written by Mexican journalist, Marcela Turati, this tipsheet provides recommendations which can be used as a roadmap to conduct humane, sensitive, and respectful interviews. (A Ukrainian translation of this resource can be found here). 

  • This detailed resource on covering conflict-related sexual violence is available in a number of languages, including, UkrainianEnglish and Russian. It will be of use to journalists and filmmakers who are covering any kind of torture or interpersonal trauma. 


Traumatic Imagery

  • Newsrooms across the world will be working through sudden influxes of trauma-related imagery. Best practice on the safer handling such material can be found here in the form of a short introduction and a full manual. (A version of this manual is available in Ukrainian here).

Advice for Managers 

  • A collaboration between ACOS Alliance and Dart Centre Asia Pacific, this guide is designed to help editors and managers understand and support their teams. It is divided into five sections covering both general information and specific suggestions and tips for working with freelancers. 

  • These freelance journalist safety principles include guidance for news organizations making assignments in dangerous places.