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Covering Sex Trafficking: The Irina Project

Two scholars at the UNC School of Journalism & Mass Communication's Irina Project monitor media representations of sex trafficking, and advocate for responsible and accurate reporting on what has become the world's most common form of slavery, and its fastest-growing criminal enterprise.

Does UGC Lead to PTSD?

Journalists working with a steady stream of uncensored violent imagery generated by the public are at increased risk of adverse psychological consequences, according to research published yesterday in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine Open.

Phil Williams: Thanks to the Fixers

2005 Ochberg Fellow and Australian Broadcasting Corporation journalist Phil Williams offered his gratitude to the oft-overlooked fixers and drivers on last week's edition of ABC's Correspondent's Report.

Carlos Dada on the Border Crisis: A Hellish Path

The past several weeks has seen a sharp spike in news coverage of the humanitarian crisis on the United States-Mexico border. On WNYC's "On the Media", Carlos Dada, co-founder and editor of the El Salvadoran newspaper El Faro, spoke with Bob Garfield about the crisis and what the US media is missing.

Women War Correspondents Share Reporting Tricks

At a meeting in London organized by Women In Journalism, foreign correspondents Juliana Ruhfus of Al Jazeera English, and Dame Ann Leslie of the Daily Mail, shared their tips and tricks on reporting in dangerous and sensitive places.

DCAP Board of Directors Stands with Greste, Fahmy, Mohammed

Australian journalist Peter Greste and his Al Jazeera colleagues Mohamed Fadel Fahmy and Baher Mohamed were sentenced to long prison terms today in Cairo. The Dart Centre Asia Pacific Board of Directors calls on the government of Egypt to release Greste and his colleagues immediately.