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Weathering the Trauma Storms: Developing Interviewing Techniques

Nearly every journalist in the course of their career will interview people who have experienced significant trauma. But how many receive any training for the task? This article describes how role-playing traumatic incidents might give student journalists valuable insight and hone crucial interviewing skills.

The Dreadful Burden

The Port Arthur massacre was Australia's worst mass murder, with 35 people killed. I had been covering it all week and, I thought, coping well. But as I stood at that tree I suddenly found myself weeping.

The Port Arthur Massacre, April 28, 1996

Just about everyone remembers where they were when they recall some cataclysmic event in their life. When Hobart man Martin Bryant began indiscriminately shooting people at one of Tasmania’s iconic tourism destinations I was entertaining 35 women at home. I was hosting a “girls” lunch for my journalist colleagues and some friends who held responsible positions in government.