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Pakistani Journalists Defy Threats From All Sides

Pakistani journalists face threats from both militant groups and government agencies for doing their jobs. Many have been killed with complete impunity for the killers. Speaking at Columbia's Journalism School, a group of nine journalists representing television and print media outlets, recounted the challenges, dangers, and victories of reporting in Pakistan.

A PTSD Crisis In American Neighborhoods

ProPublica's Lois Beckett writes about the high rates of PTSD experienced in America's most violent neighborhoods. In some areas, rates of PTSD surpass those of Iraq, Afghanistan, or Vietnam veterans. There are few options for the diagnosis and treatment of civilians and there are families and communities are facing debilitating consquences. 


A Lawyer for "AZ" Speaks Out

Following the landmark PTSD case in which a journalist referred to as "AZ" sought damages against Australia's The Age newspaper, Bree Knoester, one of the plaintiff's lawyers, reflects on the case, which was ultimately won by The Age. "Perhaps injuries are not preventable at all," Knoester writes. "What is clear, particularly through the work of Dart, is that there are systems that can be put in place by media organisations."


New Verification Handbook Released

The Dart's Europe Director Gavin Rees contributed to the Verification Handbook, released last week by the European Journalism Centre. The new guide features tools and advice on verifying content in breaking news situations. It is currently accessible online, and will soon be available to download in full.

Freelancers In Focus

As major media networks increase their reliance on freelancers for reporting, concerns about their safety and support systems have become a topic of discussion, including at last month's News Xchange conference in Morocco.