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Freelancers In Focus

As major media networks increase their reliance on freelancers for reporting, concerns about their safety and support systems have become a topic of discussion, including at last month's News Xchange conference in Morocco. 

In Kiev Riots, Journalists Targeted

In the last week, as many as 40 journalists have been injured by Kiev police or had their equipment destroyed while trying to cover the mass protest there. The Dart Center has resources for how journalists can safely and effectively deal with such situations.

Book Review: Thank You For Your Service

Matthew Ricketson, a director of the Dart Centre for Journalism and Trauma Asia-Pacific, review's David Finkel's latest book "Thank You For Your Service." A version of this review originally appeared in The Weekend Australian on 12 October 2013. On November 20, the Dart Center will host a conversation between Finkel and Steve Coll at Columbia Journalism School in New York City.

Hartman Wins Ochberg Society's "Mimi" Award

The award is named for Providence Journal editor Mimi Burkhardt, a compassionate voice who understood the professional and interpersonal dynamics of reporting on traumatized people.